Paid Course Terms & Conditions

As an Instructor, You will be solely responsible for determining the fees You charge Users for Your Courses. You agree to charge only for Your own Submitted Content. The Company will handle billing and other fee interaction with Users. You hereby authorize Company to deduct and retain a thirty percent (20%) transaction fee from the Net Amount received. The Net Amount equals the amount actually received from Users for Your Courses, applicable sales or other taxes (if any), and any amounts paid in connection with Marketing Programs that You participate in.

Allow to Run Deals and Price Tests that Drive Sales of My Course!

Elearningstack Deals Program Terms & Conditions:

We highly recommend that You include Your Course in the Elearningstack Deals Program. We use deals & price tests to find the optimal price for Your Course. Since Our revenue is directly proportional to Yours, Our incentives are aligned so that We try to find the optimal price point to maximize sales.

Note: Please price Your Course at its fair value. We use the ability to discount to have the flexibility to try different price ranges for Your Course. This does not mean that all sales will be at a discount. Rather, it means that We try to figure out the price that will maximize revenue.

By participating in the Deals Program, You agree that We may offer Your Course in limited time deals & price tests for a discount of up to and including 75% off the retail price that You set. You understand that a limited time deal may also encompass an Affiliate, which will affect the final fees remitted. Deals may also be promoted through the Site, or third party websites at a discount. Discounts and other deals are typically available for less than a month, but you acknowledge that the actual duration and amount discounted may vary. As a condition of participating in the Deals Program, You agree not to directly or indirectly offer Your Courses without our consent through the following third party sites: Amazon Local, Living Social, Groupon, Appsumo, Stack Social, Deal Coop and MightyDeals. The Deals Program is subject to the rules for Marketing Programs as set forth in the Paid Course Terms and Conditions.